Combining personal development and a self-care management plan is a valuable approach to managing stress and creating a sustainable way to healthier living.

If you are living with stress and finding it challenging to get things done, think clearly or find the time to take care of yourself and maintaining a healthy lifestyle then consider that coaching like personal fitness training is a great way to explore your unique needs and be supported to take action.

  • Acknowledge that you have a choice in how you respond and learn how to adopt a healthier lifestyle.
  • Begin a reset into a positive mindset and learn ways to navigate your life with more productive intention.
  • Become better equipped with self-management skills to enhance your presence and enjoyment in life.

I am inviting you to join me in this supportive and collaborative environment to cultivate strategies and activities that support the reduction in your stress. 

"Your greatest wealth is Health!"

Hi, I am Frederika

For over a decade I have been supporting teams in the healthcare environment.  I feel strongly about managing our negative stress and internal saboteurs that can cause us to feel unwell and diminish our ability to live at our full potential.  We all have the power to make changes that can have a beneficial impact on how we practice healthy living.  Our greatest reward can be to celebrate the effort process as we take gentle steps towards nourishing our healing and health.  

  • Do you often judge yourself, feel challenged with unproductive emotions and have trouble sourcing your deeper connection which stops you from practicing a healthy lifestyle?
  • Do you tend to resist, push away and distract yourself from what you need most for your own well being?
  • Do you have the skills and support that you need to make better choices and take action towards nurturing your health?

You are not alone!

Many woman and men are experiencing significant changes, a health crisis,  financial pressure, covid related stress, relationship challenges and other life events that result in emotional, physical and financial unease.  In short, those unpleasant feelings of vulnerability and fear.

Integral Elements to Begin your Healthful Journey

Build a supportive community

Who are the nourishing members on your team? Appreciation, Connectedness and being open to what comes are some things that come to mind when we are creating healthy relationships

Reclaim your power

Navigating thoughts and feelings in a transitional time of life. Being sensationally alive and capable with an ease of energy flow and staying in the present moment are what we crave at this time of our life.

Reconnect with your essential self

Relax and revive! Take a healing journey in nature to source your guidance and calling. Play with mystery and connect with what might be beyond you as you begin to deeply focus on yourself while staying in tune with others.

Cultivate new habits to build a healthier mindset

Better habits better health and a deep dive into some perspective exploration. Learn to discern! Be curious in yourself! What is working and what is not working? Listen to your body wisdom and cultivate something new.


What my clients are saying...

To those that feel like they have lost their way and could benefit from some guidance in achieving their goals, I cannot recommend Frederika’s coaching style enough. Frederika uses metaphors to generate visualizations and with her calming presence, she has not only taught me how to break down what I want most in life into daily manageable micro steps, but also about the power of pause and reflection. Our coaching sessions and practices have allowed me to better navigate and understand myself in the choices I make. To learn about myself in my current way and then to watch myself emerge into my new way was an absolutely mesmerizing revelation
During a time, I was transitioning from owning a business to finding a new career path. Interika Inc. Coaching surpassed my expectations in helping me move forward with clear, positive steps. I highly recommend this company.
Revisiting my personal goals and expectations is what drew me to “Interika.” I called and spoke to Frederika. In our conversation I found her very understanding, knowledgeable and demonstrated wonderful people skills. She was masterful at getting down to the root of my interests, her knowledgeable experience of websites resources, motivated me to explore and discover my hidden possibilities! I am now more motivated to make some changes to my present situation, setting a direction and moving forward! Thank you Frederika for your wonderful life coaching sessions! I would most certainly recommend you to anyone contemplating a life change!!!!
Diane B.

It begins with a
comfortable conversation

If you are tired of feeling alone and stressed that you just can’t get started and worry about your current or future well being, a conversation with me just might be a great place to start. 

There is no risk in reaching out.  There could be great rewards if you do.