About Me

The Power of Coaching

Behind every human being lies a vast space of resources and strength.  These are what we all want to harness in order to improve the behavioural issues that need to be addressed.  A powerful conversation can lead to insights and action but not all of us have that person to talk to about our yearnings and struggles.

My belief in our own individual uniqueness deserves personal attention. There is no cookie cutter system for a journey to finding our purpose in the face of challenges in the crossroads of life.  My clients have expressed how my style and calm courage have been instrumental in helping them maneuver through their exploration process, in their own unique ways, to empower them to actively discover their potential to make changes.

Travels through the peaks and valleys of life have offered me the the opportunity to capture my story and the milestones of learning. I would like to hear YOU and your STORY.

Join me for the CHALLENGE of YOUR journey toward greater well-being and transformation.

WHO I AM…an entrepreneur, committed to my practice in being present, a collaborator, an unshakable believer in the power of SELF!   

I believe we all deserve to live in peace and be meaningful contributors to ourselves and to our collective environment. 

My education includes a B.A. in Communications/Media Arts,  a Masters Certification in Integral Coaching and a certification in Stress Management.  I am a member of the International Coaching Federation. 

Years of life participation combined with my own self development has offered me beautiful wisdom and meaningful experience to be better able to support others in their quest for a balanced and nourished life.

“The art of presence” to help support us in experiencing a healthy, inspired and a collective cultivation of Life is my credo.

So many special people have been an inspiration to me as are the many wonderful humans in this current cycle of my life.

I am looking forward to including you! Hope to see you soon.


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