Embrace coaching support to access sustainable ways to feel calmer, healthier and more present in your life.

Are you experiencing caregiver burnout, stress eating, relationship conflict, stress at work, looking for life after divorce, feeling tired all the time because your life feels out of control or just not taking care of yourself because there is too much on your plate? Then it might be time to explore a way into how to manage your stress, to take better care of yourself and launch into  intentional action towards greater well being.      

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I am no stranger to what it feels like when everything seems impossible, and you just

can’t find the step that is going to lead you to a healthier place. 
Your thoughts and beliefs correlate with your actions and impact every part of your life.  What if we could work on some of those details and begin to transform those areas? 
What if we could work on intentions, find space for self care, and feel what is feels like to have more balance and better well being? 
Coaching offers a supportive connection
to develop new capacities
and skills to begin to make better choices whether you are struggling with poor food choices,
not practicing enough self care, losing yourself in everyday problems or closing yourself off from others.

Frederika Hess
Founder Interika Inc and Integral Master Coach
stress management program in Ottawa
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As part of championing wellness in your program we celebrate your effort process on your journey!

“We get seduced into believing that achieving the goal is everything and we FORGET THAT THE JOURNEY TOWARDS THE GOAL IS WHERE THE BRILLIANCE HAPPENS!”

 Michael Bungay Stanier